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Castle Creek Hydrothermal Breccia (diatreme?)


Wyoming Mines was incorporated on March 27, 2018 under the laws of the state of Wyoming. Our goal is the discovery of economic mineral resources. The founders envisioned a company that will operate with a lean budget. Much of the shortfall in immediate compensation will be made up for in generous stock options to officers, directors, consultants, and certain business associates. This will provide a strong incentive to succeed by all involved with the company. It will also maintain our treasury for an extended period. Because of that, we will not be forced into unfavorable business dealings to keep afloat. 

At this early stage, we intend to operate entirely within the United States. We have a vast geologic database from which to select projects that have been overlooked or unrecognized. Some of the overlooked projects are simply a result of commodity price increases. For example, projects that were abandoned when gold was US $350/troy ounce might now have become economic. Initially, we will focus on precious metal projects. However, any project that has the potential to enhance shareholder value may become an acquisition target. 

Our philosophy is simple. We intend to operate in states that have favorable business climates and promising geology. Primarily, that includes Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, Arizona, South Dakota, Michigan, and Texas. We will not acquire projects that are marginally economic since our experience shows those projects to be only a vexatious distraction that will deter us from work on high priority projects. We will welcome property submittals and will look hard at any serious business proposals.

An old adage in the mining business is that mines are made, not found. Significant mineralization often goes unrecognized, unexplored, and undeveloped long after the original discovery is made.  Development often requires that the mineralization be noticed, studied, and acted upon by unique individuals with the right geologic background, persistence, and marketing savvy. Simply stated, somebody has to do something. We think we have that special combination of individuals on our board of directors.

We hope that you enjoy our website.  It is more than just promotional. It is also educational (Click on MORE). And, the price is right. Mineral exploration is a fascinating adventure in which to participate for both city boys and sodbusters that want to watch from the side lines. For investors, if all goes well, there can be ample rewards. Shoot us an e-mail with any geologic questions if you feel like it. We will try to respond if we have the time.  We are Earth scientists.


Castle Creek

We discover and evaluate mineral resource projects to determine their economic potential.


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